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Breaking up in love

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You are not alone

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We all go through seasons that can lead us to lose our balance in life (illness, unemployment, break-up, bereavement, professional difficulties). To consult a psychologist is to open up to new alternatives, to new possibilities.
It is also an opportunity to obtain answers to some of these questions. Whether it is for a one-time help or for a long term one, I will accompany you in order to contribute to your well-being.


As a doctor of psychology and clinical psychologist, I accompany you in order to help you evolve throughout your journey. Trained in motivational interviewing, using an integrative approach and cognitive behavioral therapy as a support, we will define objectives together so that you can move from one stage to another.


I welcome you at my office located at 93 avenue des Minimes, 31200 or at your home.

Why consult?


Anxiety is characterized by a diffuse fear without any apparent logical reason. It is an unpleasant emotion that leads to a feeling of insecurity and uneasiness, or even internal tension. It occurs in situations of stress, danger, or emergency. It mobilizes psychological resources (erroneous thoughts), fears and worries, physiological (feeling of suffocation), and behavioral (withdrawal). The therapy will consist in identifying and knowing what is at the origin of this uneasiness and to better manage one’s anxiety.


It is an emotional brake and is the source of devaluing thoughts, undermining self-esteem and self-confidence. It is characterized by a lack of momentum, a loss of energy, a loss of desire for activities that usually contribute to our pleasure. Psychotherapy aims to bring to light the dysfunctional thoughts that are the source of mental suffering and to work on regaining one’s psychic potential.


The loss of a loved one is a source of psychological as well as physical suffering. Our support aims to take into account your feelings and, with the help of a communicative approach, to accompany you throughout your journey.

Preparation for a job interview

Getting a new job starts with the interview with the recruiter. Managing your stress to perform is essential.

Accompanying ostomates

The installation of an ostomy, whether temporary or permanent, modifies all the dimensions of life. Through a global approach, the accompaniment aims at readapting to one’s body and living with this new equipment.

Laury Beaubrun Diant

Clinical psychologist at Les Minimes – Toulouse. Specialist in the care of ostomates

Living is about constant change and learning to adapt.

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